Search for tidal streams in disk and halo


This work deals with the search for substructures in four nearby galaxies (NGC 300, NGC 7793, M 33, M 83) in which it is possible to resolve single stars in their outer parts.The search is based on the photometry of wide field imaging data. This photometry is further analysed by the use of classical methods (colour-magnitude-diagrams, star counts) and by the use of data-mining tools (fuzzy c-means clustering). Finally, it could be shown that three out of four galaxies show signs of substructure. In NGC 300 the analysis of the red-giant-branch stars revealed a truncation in the outer parts, while in NGC 7793 hints for a tidal stream or spiral arm were found. In case of M 83 it was possible to recover an already known surface brightness arc first seen on old photographic plates.
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