Data analysis of continuous gravitational waves


This thesis describes two main projects; the first one is the optimization of a hierarchical search strategy to search for unknown pulsars. This project is divided into two parts; the first part (and the main part) is the semi-coherent hierarchical optimization strategy. The second part is a coherent hierarchical optimization strategy which can be used in a project like Einstein@Home. In both strategies we have found that the 3-stages search is the optimum strategy to search for unknown pulsars. For the second project we have developed a computer software for a coherent Multi-IFO (Interferometer Observatory) search. To validate our software, we have worked on simulated data as well as hardware injected signals of pulsars in the fourth LIGO science run (S4). While with the current sensitivity of our detectors we do not expect to detect any true Gravitational Wave signals in our data, we can still set upper limits on the strength of the gravitational waves signals...
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