Waveguide heterodyne mixers at THz-frequencies

superconducting hot electron bolometers on 2-m63m [2-mym] Si3N4 membranes for GREAT and CONDOR

Kategorien: Infrarot-Astronomie


Design and performance of waveguide mixers at 1.4 THz and 1.9 THz based on NbTiN phonon-cooled hot electron bolometers (HEB) fabricated on a 2 æm thick Si_3N_4 membrane. The membrane is bonded to a silicon frame in the mixer block using a flip chip process. Simulated RF coupling is compared with experimental results, showing good agreement. Receiver noise temperature measurements show uncorrected values of 1600 K at 1.4 THz and 2100 K at 1.9 THz, both at 1.5 GHz intermediate frequency. Device cooling on the membrane seems not to be problematic. The mixers are used in receivers for SOFIA (GREAT & CONDOR) and APEX (CONDOR).
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