Optical variability of counterparts of ROSAT X-ray sources near the north ecliptic pole


Optical counterparts of X-ray selected sources to a large part consist of active galactic nuclei (AGN). A large proportion of these counterparts turns out to be optically variable, and because the timescales and manner of this variability can give important clues regarding the physical nature and structure of the counterparts, searching for variable AGN is a worthwhile undertaking. In order to perform such an optical variability survey, a subset of 167 X-ray sources in an area around the NEP was selected in this work from the X-ray catalogues derived from the ROSAT all-sky survey (RASS). Contemporaneous optical observations were available from a collaboration with the Karl-Schwarzschildt observatory (KSO) Tautenburg. A total of 89 plates were analyzed, covering an area of 35 degrees square around the NEP and spanning a timebase of 30 month ...
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