Lösungskinetik von Gips und Anhydrit


The dissolution kinetics of gypsum and anhydrite have been measured under various conditions. For gypsum an almost linear rate equation R=ks1(1-c/ceq)n1 is valid, where R is the surface rate, n1 1 is the kinetics order, c is the total calcium concentration at the surface, and ceq the equilibrium concentration with respect to gypsum. For the determination of the entire dissolution kinetics a batch set-up was used. This batch experiment reveals a dissolution rate equation R=ks1(1-c/ceq)n1 which switch close to equilibrium to a nonlinear rate equation R=ks2(1-c/ceq)n2 with n2 4.5. The experimentally observed dissolution rates from the batch experiment could be fitted by only minor variations with a mixed kinetics model. The rotating disk experiment on anhydrite reveals a surface controlled rate equation. For anhydrite the observed experimentally dissolution rates by a batch experiment are described by R=ks(1-c/ceq})n, where ks is the surface rate constant and n 4.2 is the kinetic order. Furthermore, a method for the determination of the rate equation parameters was developed ...
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