The late Quaternary environmental and climatic history of North-East Greenland, inferred from coastal lakes


Eleven lakes and ponds and three lacustrine sediment sequences from coastal East and North-East Greenland were studied for recent hydrological and phytoplankton characteristics and for palaeolimnology, respectively. The limnological survey of lakes and ponds from Store Koldewey in summer 2003 revealed cold, monomictic, thermally unstratified, alkaline and likely oligotrophic water bodies. The diatom phytoplankton, present in six lakes and dominated by four species, varied distinctly between the lakes. The results give information about the recent status of the ecology of these High Arctic freshwater bodies. The sediment sequences were investigated for their chronology, changes in physical and biogeochemical properties, macro- and microfossils, grain-size distribution and in the case of one sequence for its elemental profiles using XRF. The palaeolimnological studies address different time intervals at various temporal resolutions with particular attention to the latitudinal differences of late Quaternary climatic and environmental changes along the coast of East and North-East Greenland. The results include information about the Late Weichselian ice-front environments on southern Store Koldewey with information about the temporal and spatial evolution of the Greenland Ice Sheet margin west of the island ...
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