Structure and evolution of the northern part of the Northeast German Basin revealed from seismic interpretation and 3D structural modelling


During several marine geophysical data acquisition cruises in the western Baltic Sea, for the Baltseis and NeoBaltic projects, a dense grid of 2D high-resolution multichannel seismics and to some extend gravity and magnetic data were acquired in the German and Danish territorial waters of the region. The western Baltic Sea comprises the northern part of the Northeast German Basin on the southern flank of the Ringkøbing-Fyn High. Furthermore, parts of the suture zone between the Avalonia and Baltica plates (the Caledonian Deformation Front) and the Sorgenfrei Tornquist Zone were investigated during these research cruises. Adjacent to the study area two structures are located, which are important for the structural evolution in the region. To the west the N-S trending Glückstadt Graben and in the eastern part the E-W running Grimmen High...
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