Retrieval of surface emissivity of sea ice and temperature profiles over sea ice from passive microwave radiometers


Sea ice, surface emissivity, emitting layer temperature, temperature profile, microwave radiometry. - Polar regions play a key role in the global climate. The information on atmospheric parameters in these regions is sparse. Among the polar surfaces, sea ice varies in extent and physical properties with region and season and so does the surface emissivity. In the present study a method to retrieve the emissivity is applied over two selected regions in the Arctic, one covered by first-year ice and the other by multiyear ice and it investigates the application of them in the improvement of temperature profile retrieval ver sea ice. The retrieval of surface emissivity is done by combining simulated brightness temperatures with the satellite measured brightness temperature. In order to determine the surface emissivity of sea ice, the observations of the microwave instruments amsu (Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit) and amsr-e (Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer- Earth Observing System) are used. Determination of emissivity requires the knowledge of the temperature of the emitting layer. The penetration depth of microwaves in sea ice varies between millimeters and decimeters depending on the frequency and micro-physical structure. A year-round observation of temperature profiles of sea ice from the Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean (sheba) campaign at a first-year and a multiyear ice site is used to derive a set of coefficients a and b to linearly relate ...
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