Die Ozonverteilungen der Nordhemisphäre 1997 - 2000 gemessen mit GOME

Einfluss von Dynamik und Chemie in der Stratosphäre


Ozone profile retrieval, ERS-2, GOME, FURM, ozone decline, Northern hemisphere. - Measurements of stratospheric ozone over the Northern hemisphere forthe winter/spring periods of 1997 to 2000 taken with the GOMEinstrument were used to derive the chemical ozone depletion inside thepolar vortex. GOME onboard the ERS-2 satellite measures radiationcoming from the Earth in the UV/vis spectral range.To discern the chemical depletion from dynamical influences, a modelwas developed to calculate vortex averaged diabatic descent ratesusing the radiative transfer model MIDRAD and the FURM ozoneprofiles. The permeability of the Arctic vortex was analysed by usingthe trajectory model TANGO in conjunction with a reverse domainfilling algorithm, developed within the framework of this thesis.The chemical ozone ...
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