Geographie, Raum und geographische Informationssysteme

Notwendigkeit und Entwicklung eines verallgemeinerten Algorithmus zur Verschneidung von Flächen


GIS, Geoinformatik, Spatial Theory, Face Intersection, Polygon Clipping, Diagramatic Reasoning. - A Geographic Information System (GIS) is used to handle, analyse and visualize ‘facts’ of the ‘real world’. These ‘facts’ are assumed to be spatial in the sense that they are located at the earth’s surface. The first chapter outlines that the recent success of applied GIS is based on this ‘real world’ approach, which conforms to the tradition of geography as a scientific discipline. While most GIS-applications are pragmatically oriented in solving ‘real-world-problems’, each attempt to implement ‘spatial theories’ of GIS ends up in the well known geographical dilemma ...
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