Low frequency variations, Chandler and annual wobbles of polar motion asobserved over one century

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Polar motion data is available from the mid-19th century to the present. Based on time series with a variety of sampling intervals (monthly, 0.05-year, 5-day and daily), we have separated the low-frequency terms by low-pass filtering and the Chandler and annual terms by recursive band-pass filtering of the pole coordinates. Using a simple unweighted least-squares fit to the filtered low-frequency terms, the linear trends of the rotation pole were estimated. Assessing the estimates based on intercomparisons, the most reliable trend estimate was found. Using a Fast Fourier Transform, we have computed the prograde, retrograde and total amplitude spectra of the low-frequency part of polar motion in order to reveal the long-periodic signals. The characteristics and time evolution of the Chandler and annual wobbles are described by changes in their parameters (radii, directions and period lengths) over one century.
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