Saunders Creek catchment groundwater assessment


The Saunders Creek is a tributary catchment for the River Murray which generates ephemeral flows in very wet years. Concerns have been expressed at the construction of large dams in the headwaters of the catchment, and their impacts on streamflow, and consequently recharge to aquifers. The catchment can be divided into two distinct groundwater regions: the Hills Zone and the Plains Zone. The Hills Zone comprises the consolidated basement rocks of the Mount Lofty Ranges, which form fractured rock aquifers. Borehole yields are generally low and salinities vary, apart from the western portion of the catchment where better quality water is drawn. The Plains Zone is underlain by unconsolidated sediments of the Murray Basin. The main aquifer is the Murray Group Limestone, which is utilised for domestic and stock purposes and is recharged mainly by infiltration of streamflow.
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