Musgrave Prescribed Wells Area groundwater monitoring status report 2002


The Musgrave Prescribed Wells Area (PWA) is located around the township of Elliston on Eyre Peninsula. It covers an area of ~3595 km2 and comprises all the Hundreds of Colton, Talia, Tinline, Squire, Ward, Hudd, Kappawanta, Blesing, Way, Pearce and Haig (Fig. 1). It also incorporates the towns of Elliston and Bramfield. In general, water resources are limited in occurrence throughout Eyre Peninsula. In the Musgrave PWA there is very little available surface water, however there are moderately good supplies of groundwater. The area is generally characterised by undulating topographic relief typical of an ancient dunal system with dramatic coastal cliffs and large internal drainage catchments. Ground level elevations range from 100 m coastal cliffs to inland depressions reaching near sea level to bedrock highs exceeding 240 m. The area incorporates the Lake Newland and part of the Bascombe Well Conservation Parks which are managed under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. Pursuant to this Act, the management plan for the Lake Newland Conservation Park is in preparation ...
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