South East Catchment Water Management Board groundwater monitoring status report 2002


The South Australian Government, through the Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation (DWLCB) is responsible for the management of the State's groundwater resources. As a part of its role, the DWLCB monitors and maintains an extensive statewide groundwater monitoring network. Ground water monitoring has been undertaken in parts of the South East of South Australia for more than 30 years. The two main parameters used to measure the condition of the groundwater resources are water levels and salinity. Over time, a history of the condition of the aquifers has been established from this baseline information, enabling longer term and short-term changes to be identified and correlated with either natural (e.g. climatic) or man-induced changes (e.g. irrigation, development). This report is compiled for the South East Catchment Water Management Board (SECWMB) and displays a snapshot of data collected for the South East region up until June 2002.
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