Estimating the impact of current farm dams development on the surface water resources of the Onkaparinga River Catchment


The Mt Lofty Ranges Water Resources Assessment Program is an initiative of the Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation. The purpose of the Program is to quantify and assess the condition of surface and groundwater resources of the Mt Lofty Ranges Region. The assessments undertaken within the Program include hydrological modelling, reviews of the surface water monitoring network, the construction of new streamflow gauging stations, and the determination of environmental flows. These assessments are undertaken in partnership with other relevant agencies including catchment water management boards, the Environment Protection Authority, and the South Australian Water Corporation. This study is one of several comprehensive hydrological assessments of priority catchments in the region. Being the first, it provides an important technical foundation for collated reports assessing the resources across the region. In turn, these collated reports will inform policy decisions that will be made on future management of the natural resources in the region.
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