The Northern Adelaide Plains Leaky Wells project summary 1998 - 2003


The Resource Assessment Branch of the Department of Water Land and Biodiversity Conservation (DWLBC) is currently undertaking the ‘Northern Adelaide Plains Prescribed Wells Area Well Investigation Project’ for the Northern Adelaide and Barossa Catchment Water Management Board (NABCWMB). This report provides an overview of the issues, results to date and future directions for the project. Stage 1 of the Leaky Wells Project is designed to audit and compile an accurate list of licensed irrigation wells within the Northern Adelaide Plains (NAP) Prescribed Wells Area (PWA). Of these licensed wells pumped salinity samples were to be collected by the licence holder and submitted for analysis. From a review of these wells and recorded salinity information all wells determined to be contaminating the major production aquifers were to be identified, investigated and remedial action undertaken. Stage 2 of the Leaky Wells Project aimed to assess the condition of the 2868 abandoned and disused wells throughout the NAP. As mentioned in the Administrative Agreement, it was expected that this phase of the project would be the most intensive, requiring considerable field investigations to determine the locations and current condition of these wells.
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