Water resource assessment of the TintinaraCoonalpyn Prescribed Wells Area


This report provides an overview of the water resources for the TintinaraCoonalpyn PWA (TCPWA) and includes: A general assessment of the groundwater resources for each of the aquifers in the PWA. A description (for both the unconfined and confined aquifers) of: The management approach adopted for the sustainable use of the resource (generally referred to as permissible annual volume) and a description of the manner in which the sustainable limits of use can be determined. Where separate management areas exist within the PWA, the adopted limits of sustainable groundwater use need to be tabulated. The assessment should identify any data deficiencies and requirements for future investigations. The historic and current demand (in terms of use) in each of the management areas within the PWA. The likely future demand for groundwater from this resource in the PWA. An assessment of whether the taking or use from the aquifers will have a detrimental effect on the quantity or quality of water that is available from any other water resource, both within and outside of the PWA; including a description of the likely nature and extent of any detrimental effects. An assessment of the current condition of the groundwater resources of both aquifers, taking into consideration available groundwater monitoring data to determine the capacity of both aquifers to meet the demands identified, on a continuing basis. This is to include recommendations for management intervention.
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