Your wetland

hydrology guidelines ; River Murray, South Australia


Your Wetland: Hydrology Guidelines is the first of three documents developed for managers of the wetlands that enrich the River Murray of South Australia. These documents consolidate the findings from research, monitoring and experiences of managers to create an ecologically-based decision making framework for guiding wetland management. The River Murray is facing a number of challenges, not least of which is river regulation. These challenges are drivers of fundamental changes in the hydrology of the river and its adjoining wetlands. Over the past decade, motivated individuals in the Riverland community have been managing wetlands by simulating the conditions of flooding and drying cycles. As a result of their experiences, much has been learnt about what can be achieved when these relatively simple tools are applied to wetland management. Although we still cannot explain all of the responses of wetlands to these management protocols, we now have a framework for future management activities that is based on documented experiences. Our collective tasks in the coming years are to extend this knowledge in order to refine further our capacities to manage and enhance the wetlands of the River Murray. These wetlands are worthy of our best efforts.
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