Comments on: "Sorption of triazoles to soil and iron minerals" by Y. Jia et al. [Chemosphere 67 (2007) 250258]


This letter suggests possible improvements on the discussion of the adsorptive removal of triazoles by iron minerals which are possible corrosion products of elemental iron materials (Fe0) in a recent article by Jia et al. [Jia, Y., Aagaard, P., Breedveld, G.D., 2007. Sorption of triaxoles to soil and iron materials. Chemosphere 67, 250258]. Also recalled is the importance of the adsorption of organics by iron corrosion products which is not properly addressed in the iron technology literature when the contaminants are redox-sensitive.
Keywords: Adsorption; Elemental iron; Iron corrosion; Iron oxyhydroxides; Triazoles
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