Effects of the presence of pyrite and carbonate minerals on the kinetics of the uranium release from a natural rock


The influence of calcite, dolomite, pyrite and vaterite on the kinetics of uranium (U) release from a natural rock under relevant i.e. field conditions has been investigated. The time dependence of the U release has been studied in two different experimental procedures (open and closed systems) at laboratory temperature (21 ± 2 ʿC). Performing batch experiments in tap water, the U release efficiency of a natural U-bearing rock was characterised in the presence of varying amounts of three different carbonate bearing minerals for experimental durations of up to 782 days. Another experiment was conducted for a period of 14 days in the presence of a pyrite mineral. The results demonstrate that the presence of carbonate minerals does not have any significant influence on U release in closed systems where the U concentration at saturation was ca. 54 mg/L. In contrast, in open systems, the U concentration was ca. 8 mg/L at saturation and the effects of all additives both on kinetics and saturation concentration of U were apparent.
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