Neotectonic markers in the Panafrican belt formations of Cameroon: elements of interpretation and their environmental impacts


The North equatorial Panafrican Belt, whose Cameroonian formations are dated between 650 and 400 million years, and which are located in the North of the Congo Craton, is subdivided in to three major geodynamic domains: a north Cameroon domain, a central Cameroon domain and a south Cameroon domain. These major domains are generally, particularly the central domain, affected by great strikeslip faults in which the most important are the central cameroonian shear zone and the Sanaga fault. Studies that establish the order of occurrence of geological events, generally performed in these domains and particularly at Banefo area (West Cameroon) reveal markers of recent tectonics (post panafrican) that affect the granitogneissic basement...
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