Remote Sensing Analyses of Neotectonic Active Regions in East-Kamchatka


The tectonic history of the Kamchatka Peninsula is dominated by continuous accumulation and amalgamation of terranes with different origins, which were delivered by convergence between the Pacific plate and in former times, the Kula plate against Eurasia (Freitag, 2002). The Kronotsky and Cape Kamchatka Peninsulas show that the collision of terranes and the resulting tectonics are still important for major parts of East-Kamchatka. While the collision of the Kronotsky Peninsula is sorely influenced by the convergence of the Pacific plate, the Cape Kamchatka Peninsula is affected by the collision of the Aleutian Arc with Kamchatka, what gives the opportunity to compare two different processes that resulted in the amalgamation of terranes to Kamchatka.
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