Feldspar deformation in greenschist facies shear zones (Aar-Massif, Switzerland)


Granitic gneisses of the Central Aar Granite host a shear zone network that formed at greenschist facies conditions. The work area is located in the Bächlital (Grimsel area, Central Switzerland) and was chosen for the analysis of shear zones because of the weakly anisotropic fabric of the host gneisses. Contrary to previous publications (e.g. Choukroune & Gapais, 1983), none of these host rocks are undeformed. They contain a penetrative foliation (S1) that strikes consistently ENE-WSW with a steep dip of around 70° to the south. This foliation is overprinted by the aforementioned shear zone network, which was the main focus of this study...
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