The Serifos Metamorphic Core Complex (Greece) — kinematic investigations of the southern detachment mylonites


The island of Serifos is situated about 100km SSE of Athens in the Aegean Sea and belongs to the Attic-Cycladic massif. The geology of Serifos is largely characterized by a shallow hornblendebiotite granodiorite pluton that intruded in the late Miocene into a previously deformed (under blueschist conditions) sequence mainly consisting of ortho- and paragneisses, calc-silicate marbles, amphibolites and schists. The pluton has a dome-shaped body occupying the central and southern parts of the island (Salemink 1985). The Serifos MCC is the very western continuation of a zone of syn- to post tectonic intrusions younging from the East (Naxos, Paros ?12Ma) to the West (Serifos 9– 8Ma). Whereas the older intrusions in the East show a top to the North geometry, the Serifos MCC has developed a South-directed low-angle detachment fault...
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