Geotechnical characterization of trench- and slope sediments off Southern Chile: preliminary results


To understand seismogenesis in shallow parts of subduction zones, it is vital to know about strength and frictional parameters of subducted sediment. For this purpose, PETROTEC, as part of the TIPTEQ-Project, gathers geotechnical data for sediments deposited on the incoming Nazca Plate, the trench and the slope off the southern Chilean coast during the last 5 Ma, and whose equivalents are now being underthrusted into the seismogenic zone beneath South America. Material comes from gravity cores collected during R/V SONNE Cruises SO181 (Flüh E. & Grevemeyer I (Editors) 2005), SO102 (Hebbeln D, Wefer G, et al. 1995) and SO156 (Hebbeln D, et al. 2001), as well as from ODP Leg 141 (Behrmann JH, et al. 1992) drill cores. Sediment strength and frictional properties are determined by triaxial testing, ring shear testing and direct shear testing...
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