Gold Trade and Gold Mining in the 15th to 18th Century at the Gold Coast (Ghana) and the Activities of the Brandenburg-Prussians

Kategorien: Bergbau {Technik}


Since 1980 the Institute of Mining and Geosciences of the Technical University of Berlin carried out an educational project at the University of Science and Technology (UST) in Kumasi and the UST School of Mines in Tarkwa, Ghana, Westafrica. Eichmeyer (1) reported about this project already, in which this author did participate. This project of scientific cooperation in the areas of mining and minerals sciences is not the first contact between Germany and Ghana (earlier called Gold Coast or Guinea). At the end of the 17th Century the Brandenburg-Prussians had undertaken mining activities on the Gold Coast already apart from gold-trade. The historical background of these early mining activities will be presented in the light of the then prevailing political and economical conditions. In this context the early mining attempts of other European powers as well as the indigenous mining activities in those days are described. The development of the modern industrial gold mining sector in Ghana was presented by Gosten and Peters (2) elsewhere.
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