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  • Peters, Winfried Dipl. Ing. (2013-09-17)
    This book attempts to outline the history of gold mining and related subjects like marketing, trading and use of gold from the legendary times until today. The work will not limit itself to the borders of present day Ghana ...
  • Peters, Winfried Dipl. Ing. (2013-09-02)
    After a long decline of gold production in Ghana since 1986 the gold mining sector is recovering and mainly foreign investment led to substantial exploration efforts as well as to the opening up of new mines and/or ...
  • Peters, Winfried Dipl. Ing. (2013-09-02)
    With reference to various publications in newspapers on Small Scale Mining or Galamsey or activities of illegal small miners in Ghana and sometimes very agressive comments or demands voiced by representatives of industrial ...
  • Peters, Winfried Dipl. Ing. (2013-09-02)
    This publication is the continuation of a previous presentation of the operation and cost analysis of the partly mechanised Tetrem small scale gold mine which discussed in detail the mining, safety and environmental aspects ...
  • Peters, Winfried Dipl. Ing. (2013-09-02)
    The economically successful operation of partly mechanized small scale mines in Ghana could fill the gap between large scale, industrial and foreign controlled mining operations and the artisanal (or "galamsey") small scale ...

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