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    • A Thermo‐Compositional Model of the Cratonic Lithosphere of South America 

      Finger, N.‐P.; Kaban, M. K.ORCIDiD; Tesauro, M.ORCIDiD; Haeger, C.ORCIDiD; Mooney, W. D.ORCIDiD; Thomas, M. (Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 2021-04-22)
      New seismic data on the crust and upper mantle of South America have recently become available and describe its deep structure with unprecedented resolution. Here, seismic data are combined with gravity data and mineral ...
    • Mantle Convection Patterns Reveal the Mechanism of the Red Sea Rifting 

      Petrunin, A. G.ORCIDiD; Kaban, M. K.ORCIDiD; El Khrepy, S.ORCIDiD; Al-Arifi, N. (Tectonics, 2020)
      We present a new model of the stress state and present-day tectonics of the Red Sea Rift (RSR) based on an instantaneous geodynamic mantle flow model. The initial density and viscosity variations in the mantle are derived ...