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    • Direct linking of Greenland and Antarctic ice cores at the Toba eruption (74 ka BP) 

      Svensson, A.; Bigler, M.; Blunier, T.; Clausen, H. B.; Dahl-Jensen, D.; Fischer, H.; Fujita, S.; Goto-Azuma, K.; Johnsen, S. J.; Kawamura, K.; Kipfstuhl, S.; Kohno, M.; Parrenin, F.; Popp, T.; Rasmussen, S. O.; Schwander, J.; Seierstad, I.; Severi, M.; Steffensen, J. P.; Udisti, R.; Uemura, R.; Vallelonga, P.; Vinther, B. M.; Wegner, A.; Wilhelms, F.; Winstrup, M. (Climate of the Past, 2013)
      The Toba eruption that occurred some 74 ka ago in Sumatra, Indonesia, is among the largest volcanic events on Earth over the last 2 million years. Tephra from this eruption has been spread over vast areas in Asia, where ...