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    • Global Trends in Air‐Water CO2 Exchange Over Seagrass Meadows Revealed by Atmospheric Eddy Covariance 

      Van Dam, BryceORCIDiD; Polsenaere, PierreORCIDiD; Barreras‐Apodaca, Aylin; Lopes, ChristianORCIDiD; Sanchez‐Mejia, Zulia; Tokoro, Tatsuki; Kuwae, TomohiroORCIDiD; Loza, Lucia Gutiérrez; Rutgersson, AnnaORCIDiD; Fourqurean, James; Thomas, Helmuth (Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2021-04-28)
      Coastal vegetated habitats like seagrass meadows can mitigate anthropogenic carbon emissions by sequestering CO2 as “blue carbon” (BC). Already, some coastal ecosystems are actively managed to enhance BC storage, with ...