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    • Explorative approach to the dust evolution in binary star systems 

      Köllein, Carsten (Univ. Berlin, 2009)
      This thesis discusses dust formation in binary systems, in particular for binary systems consisting of a Mira like star and a brown dwarf. A Mira-like star is an intermediate mass star in a late stage of their stellar ...
    • Indirect imaging of AM Herculis-stars 

      Staude, Andreas (Univ. Berlin, 2005)
      AM Herculis stars (or 'polars') are close binaries consisting of a white dwarf with a strong magnetic field and a main sequence star (the 'secondary') which is losing mass to the white dwarf. The magnetic field channels ...
    • The structure and spectra of irradiated secondaries in close binaries (pre-CVs) 

      Wawrzyn, Alexander Christopher (Univ. Hamburg, 2009)
      Many stars evolve not alone but along one or more companions. While the evolution of single isolated stars is well predicted by theoretical calculations, close binary systems with their interactions are on the one hand far ...