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    • Evaluation of transmissivity in a fractured aquifer—the Nyanzari wellfield, Burundi 

      Vassolo, Sara; Tiberghien, Christian; Neukum, Christoph; Baranyikwa, Désiré; Ryumeko, Melchior; Miburo, Désiré; Nahimana, Noël (Grundwasser, 2021-12-08)
      Due to population growth, the city of Gitega in the central part of Burundi is lacking drinking water. Therefore, the national urban water supply company decided to expand the Nyanzari wellfield by drilling additional ...
    • Future-proofing hydrogeology by revising groundwater monitoring practice 

      Rau, Gabriel C.ORCIDiD; Cuthbert, Mark O.; Post, Vincent E. A.ORCIDiD; Schweizer, Daniel; Acworth, R. Ian; Andersen, Martin S.; Blum, PhilippORCIDiD; Carrara, Elisabetta; Rasmussen, Todd C.; Ge, Shemin (Hydrogeology Journal, 2020-10-01)
      Groundwater is an important global resource and its sustainable use faces major challenges. New methods and advances in computational science could lead to much improved understanding of groundwater processes and subsurface ...
    • Modeling of methane migration from gas wellbores into shallow groundwater at basin scale 

      Taherdangkoo, RezaORCIDiD; Tatomir, Alexandru; Sauter, Martin (Environmental Earth Sciences, 2020-09-18)
      Methane contamination of drinking water resources is one of the major concerns associated with unconventional gas development. This study assesses the potential contamination of shallow groundwater via methane migration ...