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    • Cold climate landforms on Mars 

      Gasselt, Stephan (Univ. Berlin, 2007)
      This work covers the dominant aspects of landforms and processes related to the cold-climate (periglacial) and hyperarid environment of Mars and relates the knowledge obtained from terrestrial research to possible Martian ...
    • Sand dunes on mars and on earth 

      Parteli, Eric Josef Ribeiro (Univ. Stuttgart, 2007)
      In this work the dune model introduced by Sauermann et al. (2001) is extended and applied to investigate the formation of different dune shapes on Mars and on Earth as function of wind directionality and sand availability. ...
    • Studying martian dust devils by applying pattern recognition algorithms to multi-mission camera images 

      Stanzel, Christina (Univ. Köln, 2007)
      A pattern recognition and classification software was developed to detect dust devils automatically in surface images from Mars. The amount of images taken by spacecraft orbiting Mars is increasing continuously and the ...