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    • E&G - Quaternary Science Journal Vol. 61 No 2 

      Freund, Holger (Hrsg.) (Geozon Science Media2012-12-12)
      Peer reviewed original papers in Quaternary geology, palaeoecology, soil science, palaeoclimatology, geomorphology, geochronology, archaeology, geography and other topics related to the Quaternary.
    • From the northern ice shield to the Alpine glaciations 

      Stahr, Karl; Lampe, Reinhard; Buddenbohm, Andreas; Granitzki, Klaus; Lüthgens, Christopher; Böse, Margot; Wansa, Stefan; Junge, Frank W.; Zöller, LudwigORCIDiD; Hambach, Ulrich; Kleber, Arno; Kolb, Thomas; Moine, Olivier; Terhorst, Birgit; Sauer, Daniela (Geozon Science Media, 2011-12)
      The route of the field trip described in this excursion guide follows a section through Germany from North to South, from the area of the Northern glaciation, to the Alpine glacial advances. It includes several places of ...