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    • Carbon in tundra soils in the Lake Labaz region of arctic Siberia 

      Gundelwein, Andreas; Müller-Lupp, Thomas; Sommerkorn, Martin; Haupt, Erhard T.K.; Pfeiffer, Eva-Maria; Wiechmann, Horst (Blackwell Publishing2007-03-29)
      Large amounts of carbon are stored in permafrost-affected soils of the Arctic tundra. The quantity, distribution and composition of this carbon are important, because much of the carbon is likely to be released as a result ...
    • Wohin auch das Auge blicket: Moore, Moorforschung und Moorschutz in Westsibirien 

      Tannenberger, Franziska; Hahne, Wulf; Joosten, Hans (TELMA - Berichte der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Moor- und Torfkunde; Band 33; 2003)
      Abstract: 40 % of the global peatland area is situated in the West-Siberian plain, an area that covers all vegetation zones from tundra up to steppe. In West-Siberia a high diversity of mires has developed, often as ...