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    • Identification of uppercrustal discontinuities using dip curvature analysis of isostatic residual gravity: examples from the central Andes 

      Riller, UlrichORCIDiD; Götze, Hans-Joachim; Schmidt, SabineORCIDiD; Trumbull, RobertORCIDiD; Hongn, Fernado; Petrinovic, Ivan (11. Symposium "Tektonik, Struktur- und Kristallingeologie", 2006-03)
      Structural analysts are often faced with the problem of identifying prominent structural discontinuities covered by post-tectonic sedimentary or volcanic rocks. Gravity fields are often used to delineate the trace of buried ...
    • Origin of Central Andean collapse calderas 

      Riller, UlrichORCIDiD (11. Symposium "Tektonik, Struktur- und Kristallingeologie", 2006-03)
      Regional strains in tectonically active volcanic provinces may have a profound influence on the mode of collapse caldera formation. Conversely, the deformation pattern, more specifically, the symmetry of plan-view strain ...