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    • Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions in the Context of Convective Self-Aggregation 

      Beydoun, H.ORCIDiD; Hoose, C.ORCIDiD (Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 2019)
      We investigate the sensitivity of self-aggregated radiative-convective-equilibrium cloud-resolving model simulations to the cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) concentration. Experiments were conducted on a long (2,000-km × 120-km) ...
    • Algorithmic Differentiation for Sensitivity Analysis in Cloud Microphysics 

      Hieronymus, M.ORCIDiD; Baumgartner, M.; Miltenberger, A.ORCIDiD; Brinkmann, A. (Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 2022-07-12)
      The role of clouds for radiative transfer, precipitation formation, and their interaction with atmospheric dynamics depends strongly on cloud microphysics. The parameterization of cloud microphysical processes in weather ...
    • Ice Particle Properties Inferred From Aggregation Modelling 

      Karrer, M.ORCIDiD; Seifert, A.ORCIDiD; Siewert, C.; Ori, D.ORCIDiD; von Lerber, A.ORCIDiD; Kneifel, S.ORCIDiD (Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 2020)
      We generated a large number 105,000 of aggregates composed of various monomer types and sizes using an aggregation model. Combined with hydrodynamic theory, we derived ice particle properties such as mass, projected area, ...