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    • Impact Forecasting to Support Emergency Management of Natural Hazards 

      Merz, BrunoORCIDiD; Kuhlicke, ChristianORCIDiD; Kunz, MichaelORCIDiD; Pittore, MassimilianoORCIDiD; Babeyko, AndreyORCIDiD; Bresch, David N.ORCIDiD; Domeisen, Daniela I. V.ORCIDiD; Feser, FraukeORCIDiD; Koszalka, IngaORCIDiD; Kreibich, HeidiORCIDiD; Pantillon, FlorianORCIDiD; Parolai, StefanoORCIDiD; Pinto, Joaquim G.ORCIDiD; Punge, Heinz JürgenORCIDiD; Rivalta, EleonoraORCIDiD; Schröter, KaiORCIDiD; Strehlow, KarenORCIDiD; Weisse, RalfORCIDiD; Wurpts, AndreasORCIDiD (Reviews of Geophysics, 2020)
      Forecasting and early warning systems are important investments to protect lives, properties, and livelihood. While early warning systems are frequently used to predict the magnitude, location, and timing of potentially ...
    • Impact‐Based Forecasting for Pluvial Floods 

      Rözer, V.ORCIDiD; Peche, A.; Berkhahn, S.; Feng, Y.; Fuchs, L.; Graf, T.; Haberlandt, U.ORCIDiD; Kreibich, H.ORCIDiD; Sämann, R.; Sester, M.; Shehu, B.; Wahl, J.; Neuweiler, I. (Earth's Future, 2021-02-23)
      Pluvial floods in urban areas are caused by local, fast storm events with very high rainfall rates, which lead to inundation of streets and buildings before the storm water reaches a watercourse. An increase in frequency ...