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    • Floodwater harvesting to manage irrigation water and mesquite encroachment in a data-sparse river basin: an eco-hydrological approach 

      Babker, Zryab; Elagib, Nadir AhmedORCIDiD; Al Zayed, Islam SabryORCIDiD; Sulieman, Rayyan (River Research and Applications, 2020)
      This investigation attempts to understand the eco-hydrology of, and accordingly suggest an option to manage floodwater for agriculture in, the understudied and data-sparse ephemeral Baraka River Basin within the hyper-arid ...
    • Water scarcity and oil palm expansion: social views and environmental processes 

      Merten, Jennifer; Röll, AlexanderORCIDiD; Guillaume, Thomas; Meijide, AnaORCIDiD; Tarigan, Suria; Agusta, Herdhata; Dislich, Claudia; Dittrich, Christoph; Faust, Heiko; Gunawan, Dodo; Hein, Jonas; Hendrayanto; Knohl, AlexanderORCIDiD; Kuzyakov, Yakov; Wiegand, KerstinORCIDiD; Hölscher, Dirk (Ecology and Society, 2016)
      Conversions of natural ecosystems, e.g., from rain forests to managed plantations, result in significant changes in the hydrological cycle including periodic water scarcity. In Indonesia, large areas of forest were lost ...