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    • Potential Analysis for Further Nature Conservation in Azerbaijan: A Spatial and Political Investment Strategy 

      Succow, Michael; Agayeva, Nigar; Iskanderov, Tavagül; Askerov, Elshad; Gadjiev, Fikret; Gurbanov, Elshad; Bayramov, Ali; Tagieva, Elena; Allaverdiya, Naiba; Iskanderov, Tavgül; Abasquliyev, Ulvi; Uppenbrink, Martin; Kirschey, Tom; Peper, Jan; Schmidt, Sebastian; Gauger, Kai; Etzold, Jonathan; Thiele, Annett; Langhammer, Marie; Heiß, Michael; Gottschling, Hagen; Rietschel, Michael; Scharnweber, Tobias; Noack, Frederik (Geozon Science Media, 2009-12)
      Financed by the MAVA Foundation (Switzerland), the Michael Succow Foundation (MSF), in cooperation with various experts from Azerbaijan, conducted a detailed gap analysis of potential future protected areas in Azerbaijan. ...
    • Quantifying longevity and circularity of copper for different resource efficiency policies at the material and product levels 

      Klose, StefanieORCIDiD; Pauliuk, StefanORCIDiD (Journal of Industrial Ecology, 2021-02-06)
      Resource efficiency strategies are emerging on policy agendas worldwide. Commonly, resource efficiency policies aim at decreasing losses at the waste management stage and, thus, diverge from public interest in more ...