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    • Nowcasting and Predicting the Kp Index Using Historical Values and Real-Time Observations 

      Shprits, Yuri Y.ORCIDiD; Vasile, Ruggero; Zhelavskaya, Irina S.ORCIDiD (Space Weather, 2019)
      Current algorithms for the real-time prediction of the Kp index use a combination of models empirically driven by solar wind measurements at the L1 Lagrange point and historical values of the index. In this study, we explore ...
    • The Geomagnetic Kp Index and Derived Indices of Geomagnetic Activity 

      Matzka, J.ORCIDiD; Stolle, C.ORCIDiD; Yamazaki, Y.ORCIDiD; Bronkalla, O.; Morschhauser, A.ORCIDiD (Space Weather, 2021-05-07)
      The geomagnetic Kp index is one of the most extensively used indices of geomagnetic activity, both for scientific and operational purposes. This article reviews the properties of the Kp index and provides a reference for ...