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    • Atmospheric and Oceanographic Signatures in the Ice Shelf Channel Morphology of Roi Baudouin Ice Shelf, East Antarctica, Inferred From Radar Data 

      Drews, R.ORCIDiD; Schannwell, C.; Ehlers, T. A.ORCIDiD; Gladstone, R.ORCIDiD; Pattyn, F.ORCIDiD; Matsuoka, K.ORCIDiD (Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 2020-07-09)
      Ice shelves around Antarctica can provide back stress for outlet glaciers and control ice sheet mass loss. They often contain narrow bands of thin ice termed ice shelf channels. Ice shelf channel morphology can be interpreted ...
    • Offshore Freshened Groundwater in Continental Margins 

      Micallef, AaronORCIDiD; Person, MarkORCIDiD; Berndt, ChristianORCIDiD; Bertoni, ClaudiaORCIDiD; Cohen, DenisORCIDiD; Dugan, BrandonORCIDiD; Evans, RobORCIDiD; Haroon, AmirORCIDiD; Hensen, ChristianORCIDiD; Jegen, MarionORCIDiD; Key, KerryORCIDiD; Kooi, HenkORCIDiD; Liebetrau, VolkerORCIDiD; Lofi, JohannaORCIDiD; Mailloux, Brian J.ORCIDiD; Martin‐Nagle, Renée; Michael, Holly A.ORCIDiD; Müller, ThomasORCIDiD; Schmidt, MarkORCIDiD; Schwalenberg, KatrinORCIDiD; Trembath‐Reichert, Elizabeth; Weymer, BradleyORCIDiD; Zhang, YipengORCIDiD; Thomas, Ariel T.ORCIDiD (Reviews of Geophysics, 2021-01-04)
      First reported in the 1960s, offshore freshened groundwater (OFG) has now been documented in most continental margins around the world. In this review we compile a database documenting OFG occurrences and analyze it to ...
    • Rock Glacier Characteristics Under Semiarid Climate Conditions in the Western Nyainqêntanglha Range, Tibetan Plateau 

      Buckel, JohannesORCIDiD; Reinosch, Eike; Voigtländer, AnneORCIDiD; Dietze, MichaelORCIDiD; Bücker, MatthiasORCIDiD; Krebs, Nora; Schroeckh, Ruben; Mäusbacher, Roland; Hördt, AndreasORCIDiD (Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 2022-01-07)
      Rock glaciers are receiving increased attention as a potential source of water and indicator of climate change in periglacial landscapes. They consist of an ice‐debris mixture, which creeps downslope. Although rock glaciers ...