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    • An Outline of the Quaternary Stratigraphy of Austria 

      Husen, Dirk van; Reitner, Jürgen M.ORCIDiD (E&G – Quaternary Science Journal; Vol.60, No. 2-3)
      Es wird ein Überblick über die in Österreich verwendete Quartär-Stratigraphie gegeben. Die stratigraphische Gliederung der kartierbaren Sedimenteinheiten basiert teilweise auf Kriterien der Lithostratigraphie (lithologischer ...
    • Eemian landscape response to climatic shifts and evidence for northerly Neanderthal occupation at a palaeolake margin in northern Germany 

      Hein, MichaelORCIDiD; Urban, Brigitte; Tanner, David ColinORCIDiD; Buness, Anton Hermann; Tucci, Mario; Hoelzmann, Philipp; Dietel, Sabine; Kaniecki, Marie; Schultz, Jonathan; Kasper, Thomas; von Suchodoletz, HansORCIDiD; Schwalb, Antje; Weiss, Marcel; Lauer, Tobias (Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 2021-09-14)
      The prevailing view suggests that the Eemian interglacial on the European Plain was characterized by largely negligible geomorphic activity beyond the coastal areas. However, systematic geomorphological studies are sparse. ...
    • Topographic and Geologic Controls on Frost Cracking in Alpine Rockwalls 

      Draebing, DanielORCIDiD; Mayer, TillORCIDiD (Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 2021-06-14)
      Frost weathering is a major control on rockwall erosion in Alpine environments. Previous frost cracking model approaches used air temperatures as a proxy for rock temperatures to drive frost weathering simulations on ...