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    • Inter‐laboratory Characterisation of Apatite Reference Materials for Chlorine Isotope Analysis 

      Wudarska, AlicjaORCIDiD; Słaby, Ewa; Wiedenbeck, Michael; Barnes, Jaime D.; Bonifacie, Magali; Sturchio, Neil C.; Bardoux, Gérard; Couffignal, Frédéric; Glodny, Johannes; Heraty, Linnea; John, TimmORCIDiD; Kusebauch, Christof; Mayanna, Sathish; Wilke, Franziska D. H.; Deput, Ewa (Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 2020-12-25)
      Here we report on a set of six apatite reference materials (chlorapatites MGMH#133648, TUBAF#38 and fluorapatites MGMH#128441A, TUBAF#37, 40, 50) which we have characterised for their chlorine isotope ratios; these RMs ...
    • Tourmaline Reference Materials for the In Situ Analysis of Oxygen and Lithium Isotope Ratio Compositions 

      Wiedenbeck, Michael; Trumbull, Robert B.; Rosner, Martin; Boyce, Adrian; Fournelle, John H.; Franchi, Ian A.; Halama, Ralf; Harris, Chris; Lacey, Jack H.; Marschall, HorstORCIDiD; Meixner, Anette; Pack, AndreasORCIDiD; Pogge von Strandmann, Philip A.E.; Spicuzza, Michael J.; Valley, John W.; Wilke, Franziska D.H. (Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 2020-11-07)
      Three tourmaline reference materials sourced from the Harvard Mineralogical and Geological Museum (schorl 112566, dravite 108796 and elbaite 98144), which are already widely used for the calibration of in situ boron isotope ...