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    • Choice of Pedotransfer Functions Matters when Simulating Soil Water Balance Fluxes 

      Weihermüller, LutzORCIDiD; Lehmann, PeterORCIDiD; Herbst, MichaelORCIDiD; Rahmati, MehdiORCIDiD; Verhoef, AnneORCIDiD; Or, DaniORCIDiD; Jacques, DiederickORCIDiD; Vereecken, HarryORCIDiD (Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 2021-03-22)
      Modeling of the land surface water‐, energy‐, and carbon balance provides insight into the behavior of the Earth System, under current and future conditions. Currently, there exists a substantial variability between model ...
    • Pedotransfer Function for the Brunswick Soil Hydraulic Property Model and Comparison to the van Genuchten‐Mualem Model 

      Weber, Tobias K. D.ORCIDiD; Finkel, MichaelORCIDiD; da Conceição Gonçalves, MariaORCIDiD; Vereecken, HarryORCIDiD; Diamantopoulos, EfstathiosORCIDiD (Water Resources Research, 2020-09-12)
      Modeling soil hydraulic properties requires an effective representation of capillary and noncapillary storage and conductivity. This is made possible by using physically comprehensive yet flexible soil hydraulic property ...