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    • Asteroid 2008 TC3, not a polymict ureilitic but a polymict C1 chondrite parent body? Survey of 249 Almahata Sitta fragments 

      Bischoff, AddiORCIDiD; Bannemann, Lukas; Decker, Stephan; Ebert, SamuelORCIDiD; Haberer, Siegfried; Heitmann, Ursula; Horstmann, Marian; Klemm, Kerstin I.; Kraemer, Ann‐Kathrin; Lentfort, Sarah; Patzek, MarkusORCIDiD; Storz, JakobORCIDiD; Weyrauch, Mona (Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 2022-05-14)
      On October 7, 2008, the asteroid 2008 TC3 exploded as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere, producing significant dust (in the atmosphere) and delivering thousands of stones in a strewn field in Sudan, collectively known as ...