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    • Developing a Laser Induced Liquid Beam Ion Desorption Spectral Database as Reference for Spaceborne Mass Spectrometers 

      Klenner, FabianORCIDiD; Umair, MuhammadORCIDiD; Walter, Sebastian H. G.ORCIDiD; Khawaja, NozairORCIDiD; Hillier, Jon; Nölle, Lenz; Zou, Zenghui; Napoleoni, Maryse; Sanderink, ArnaudORCIDiD; Zuschneid, Wilhelm; Abel, BerndORCIDiD; Postberg, FrankORCIDiD (Earth and Space Science, 2022-09-13)
      Spaceborne impact ionization mass spectrometers, such as the Cosmic Dust Analyzer on board the past Cassini spacecraft or the SUrface Dust Analyzer being built for NASA's upcoming Europa Clipper mission, are of crucial ...