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    • Advances in understanding calcite varve formation: new insights from a dual lake monitoring approach in the southern Baltic lowlands 

      Roeser, PatriciaORCIDiD; Dräger, Nadine; Brykała, DariuszORCIDiD; Ott, FlorianORCIDiD; Pinkerneil, Sylvia; Gierszewski, PiotrORCIDiD; Lindemann, Christin; Plessen, BirgitORCIDiD; Brademann, Brian; Kaszubski, Michał; Fojutowski, MichałORCIDiD; Schwab, Markus J.ORCIDiD; Słowiński, MichałORCIDiD; Błaszkiewicz, MirosławORCIDiD; Brauer, Achim (Boreas, 2021-02-09)
      We revise the conceptual model of calcite varves and present, for the first time, a dual lake monitoring study in two alkaline lakes providing new insights into the seasonal sedimentation processes forming these varves. ...