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    • Unravelling the crystal structure of Nd5.8WO12−δ and Nd5.7W0.75Mo0.25O12−δ mixed ionic electronic conductors 

      Scherb, Tobias; Fantin, Andrea; Checchia, Stefano; Stephan-Scherb, Christiane; Escolástico, Sonia; Franz, Alexandra; Seeger, Janka; Meulenberg, Wilhelm A.; d'Acapito, Francesco; Serra, José M. (Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2020-10-25)
      Mixed ionic electronic conducting ceramics Nd6−yWO12−δ (δ is the oxygen deficiency) provide excellent stability in harsh environments containing strongly reactive gases such as CO2, CO, H2, H2O or H2S. Due to this chemical ...