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    • ATSAS 3.0: expanded functionality and new tools for small‐angle scattering data analysis 

      Manalastas-Cantos, Karen; Konarev, Petr V.; Hajizadeh, Nelly R.; Kikhney, Alexey G.; Petoukhov, Maxim V.; Molodenskiy, Dmitry S.; Panjkovich, Alejandro; Mertens, Haydyn D. T.; Gruzinov, Andrey; Borges, Clemente; Jeffries, Cy M.; Svergun, Dmitri I.; Franke, Daniel (Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2020-12-02)
      The ATSAS software suite encompasses a number of programs for the processing, visualization, analysis and modelling of small‐angle scattering data, with a focus on the data measured from biological macromolecules. Here, ...
    • Machine learning for scattering data: strategies, perspectives and applications to surface scattering 

      Hinderhofer, Alexander; Greco, Alessandro; Starostin, Vladimir; Munteanu, Valentin; Pithan, Linus; Gerlach, Alexander; Schreiber, Frank (Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2023-01-24)
      Machine learning (ML) has received enormous attention in science and beyond. Discussed here are the status, opportunities, challenges and limitations of ML as applied to X‐ray and neutron scattering techniques, with an ...